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The buyer's premium is 29% per lot.

Artist’s resale rights

Resale rights will be charged for original works of art made by (at the moment of sale) living artists or artists who have died less than 70 years ago, who are subject or resident or have been of a country in the EU or a country who also assigns resale rights.

We are legally obliged to charge these resale rights to the buyer.

The resale rights are calculated over the hamerprice including commission (excl VAT) as follows:

  •   € 3.000 - € 50.000 > 4%
  • € 50.000 - € 200.000 > 3%
  • € 200.000 - € 350.000 > 1%
  • € 350.000 - € 500.000 > 0,5%
  • € 500.000 - € 5.000.000 > 0,25%


Property incorporating materials from endangered and other protected species

Property made of or incorporating (irrespective of percentage) endangered and other protected species of wildlife, including among other things, ivory, tortoiseshell, crocodile skin, rhinoceros horn, whale bone and certain species of coral, together with Brazilian rosewood. Prospective purchasers are advised that several countries prohibit altogether the importation of property containing such materials, and that other countries require a permit (e.g., a CITES permit) from the relevant regulatory agencies in the countries of exportation as well as importation. Accordingly, clients should familiarize themselves with the relevant customs laws and regulations prior to bidding on any property with wildlife material if they intend to import the property into another country.

For example, the U.S. generally prohibits the importation of articles containing species that it has designated as endangered or threatened if those articles are less than 100 years old. Please note that it is the client’s responsibility to determine and satisfy the requirements of any applicable laws or regulations applying to the export or import of property containing endangered and other protected wildlife material. The inability of a client to export or import property containing endangered and other protected wildlife material is not a basis for cancellation or rescission of the sale.