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How it works

If you would like to sell some items in one of our auctions, this is how we can be of service.

1) To determine whether items are suitable to be placed in one of our auctions, our art experts will need to view the items. We therefore kindly ask you to contact us by telephone to make the necessary arrangements in having your items inspected at our auction house; as for highly valuable items or large collections, we can provide for an expert to come to your location. We will take in suitable items for auction and provide you with a proof of receipt.

2) After taking in the items, we will provide for a description, number and valuation of the items and determine whether separate items are best combined into one lot. Prior to the auction we will provide you with a written confirmation stating the aforementioned details as well as informing you at which auction the items will be auctioned. Besides this we will also insure, photograph and catalogue the items, and keep the items stored in a climate controlled and secured environment.

3) If your lots are sold at an auction you will receive a sales receipt four weeks after the final day of auction. The sales receipt will state the amount at which the lot has been sold as well as our commission. The gross amount will be transferred to the bank account you have provided us with. We will discuss with you whether items, that have unfortunately not been sold, might be placed in a subsequent auction.

If you are interested in selling items at our auction, please contact us at 010 411 85 44 to make the necessary arrangements.