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Insurance valuations

If you are the owner of valuable items or an art collection, it can be a good decision to insure them against loss or damage. At Vendu Notarishuis we can provide you with valuation report for insurance purposes.

You can contact us at 010-4118544 if you wish are interested in obtaining a veluation report.


Valuation report for insurance purposes

If you wish to insure your valuable items or art collection, we can provide you with an insurance report. The value of items for insurance purposes will be determined by their replacement value. It should be noted that as the items are generally of a unique nature, replacement values tend to be (considerably) higher than what could be reached through an actual sale at an auction or otherwise, as the replacement value is based on the amount at which an item, equal in quality, state and date, could be purchased as a replacement.

Our experts

All our experts are certified by the Broker Federation of Auction Experts in moveable objects (Federatie van Taxateurs Makelaars Veilinghouders in roerende zaken) or TMV for short. The main purpose of TMV is to safeguard the professionality of her members. The website of TMV can provide you with more information.